Nora Klein

The things that are invisible fascinate Nora Klein. Being a photographer she likes to engage with topics involving people within her own cultural circle.
Worldwide, many people suffer from depression. Klein’s curiosity for the unknown motivated her to study the phenomena. She has been the project initiator and leader since 2013.

Whilst studying Documentary Photography at the Hochschule Hannover and the Danish School of Media and Journalismus in Aarhus, Klein learned how to tell stories using photography.

Currently, she works as a freelance photographer for nationwide newspapers and magazines. At the same time, she dedicates herself to research topics that move her. Her projects are funded by various foundations and have previously been exhibited or published.
For Klein, photography is a medium that offers insights into unknown worlds. Concealed stories are being uncovered through images. It’s like peeking behind the façade.



Sabine Fröhlich

Sabine Fröhlich suffered from an episode-like depression for many years. Her collaboration with Nora Klein began in 2013. First as a participant in the book project and until today as a project partner in the lecture series. With openness and authenticity, she lets other people participate in her personal path through the depression and the changes that were necessary in her life.

Sabine Fröhlich lives and works in the countryside near Cologne as a psycho-social counsellor and consultant for mental health. She is married and has two grown daughters.

Sonja Hartwig

Sonja Hartwig, born 1985, is a freelance author based in Hamburg. She writes reports and portraits accompanying people for longer durations. Her main interests are psychology and integration. Hartwig’s texts have been published in German newspapers ZEIT, Stern and the Sueddeutsche Zeitung magazine. Currently, she is working on two books, one of which is due to be published in September 2017. She studied in Leipzig at the Henri-Nannen School for Journalists.


Saskia Köhler

Saskia Köhler, born in Bielefeld, is a Communications Designer based in Hamburg. She focuses on Corporate Design and aims to explore and illustrate the essence of a subject. In her opinion, a successful design considers the visual processing of a topic to make it more accessible to the viewer. The project “Mal gut, mehr schlecht.” presented some unique challenges: How do you visualise a topic which has been muted to refrain from becoming the centre of attention – however, belongs at the centre of our attention? Saskia relied on creative interactions to leave the spectator room to explore the issue in his or her own way.