Beeing touched

A very touching story reached us recently in the aftermath of one of our “Some good, more bad.” events:

The head of the self-help contact point who had booked us told us about the following incident in a reflection discussion:

A lady who had come to the advice center as a relative a long time ago because her 19-year-old son was suffering from depression, came up at the end of the event and reported in a low voice that her husband had come along, who otherwise tends to shut himself off, remains silent and looks at the family situation with great pain. The head of the self-help contact point replied encouragingly that the evening might enable a conversation between the parents.

The following day, the lady called the counseling office because she was dying to say that there had actually been an exchange between her and her husband that same evening. This was as good and open as it had not been for a long time. What has helped her husband above all was that the presentation with the pictures and texts did enable empathy and thus a kind of understanding for the son affected. The lady was sooo grateful!

WOW! This story really touched us!

Does it touch you, too?