Lady in black

The depth psychologist C. G. Jung is said to have said that depression is comparable to a lady in black. If she appears, he recommends not sending her away, but listening to what she has to say.

This quote has an important place at our events because for me (Sabine) it represents the symbol of my experience with depression and I describe the first encounter with this statement as an important turning point in dealing with my illness.

A participant left the following post in our guestbook:

“Thank you,
You encouraged me a lot!

I’m just functioning
for my kids right now and
I realize that I can’t sustain that.

I don’t know how yet, but
I know that I will have to deal
with the lady in black
before the sun for all of us
can shine again.”

And? What comes to mind when you read this? We would be thankful if you shared your thoughts with us.