Cover der Broschüre "Leitfaden bei Depression"

First Aid

This grey, rainy day was very convenient for me (Sabine). In preparation for our upcoming autumn tours, I went to the basement and checked the inventory of materials for the book table. An information brochure that we put out at all our events is the “Guideline for Depression for Those Affected and Their Relatives”, published by the German Depression League.

As I lay out stacks of 10 copies on the table, I remember the time when I had a depressive episode for the first time in my life. At the time I was completely clueless, didn’t recognize myself and thought I was completely out of my mind.

How helpful such a pamphlet would have been to me—and my family—back then! Enlightenment in the best sense, quotes from those affected and their relatives and all the information you need to get an initial orientation in the jungle of our help system! It can be ordered free of charge or downloaded as a PDF at

How did you find useful information about depression?
We look forward to reading about your experiences!