Ein Grasbüschel auf einer Wiese leuchtet grün im Gegenlicht.


On a mild early summer evening, we recently welcomed almost 50 people who had come to our event in the VHS Osnabrück building.

In addition to the enriching content of many interesting questions and contributions from the audience, it also became clear to all those involved how valuable and helpful low-threshold offers can be for those affected and their relatives. In Osnabrück, for example, there is the very active association “Alliance against Depression in the City and District of Osnabrück”. In the next few weeks alone, its event page will list encouraging offers such as:

// ways out of depression // mindfulness – how do I find peace in everyday life? // dealing with fears // getting out of the Crisis with the SELF-CONCEPT//

It’s worth researching! Maybe there is an alliance against depression, self-help groups or similar supportive offers in your area!