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Back to the light

When depression darkens the soul, psychotherapy may help more patients than any medication. ...



Nora Klein
Some good, more bad

A courageous publishing project: Who would buy a (photo) book about depression? Who enjoys reading about the psychiatric depths of people? ...



The dark night of the soul

Shakespeare, Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Wolff and Vincent van Gogh may have suffered from it, but depression reached daily life long ago. In Western Europe, the so-called sunny side of life, millions of people are facing darkness 24 hours a day…



Photo book about the unfathomable: depression

Nora Klein has accompanied sufferers of depression and taken photos of them for many years. They are not classical portraits, but photos which convey feelings…
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Allgemeiner Anzeiger


Inconceivable weight

“Some good, more bad” is the title of the photo book by Erfurt photographer Nora Klein that aims to portray an invisible disease – depression.

The photo does not reveal much. The blinds are almost closed. Just a few delicate light spots invade the darkness. A black hole that swallows life. That is how a sufferer describes his depression…

Pharmazeutische Zeitung


Soul in winter sleep

Depression is omnipresent. However, for those not affected, psychiatric illness remains abstract with symptoms hardly visible from the outside. During bad times, depressives become reclusive, cannot communicate nor explain how they feel. “The body and soul shut down. They stand still. Depression is much like a winter sleep,” Mareike says…


15./16. October 2016

Nora Klein has photographed a disease that no one sees. Her photos depict depression.

Creases in the sheets: signs of a life lived – much like wrinkles around the eye.
One has seen something. One hasn’t slept well. Tossed and turn, moved the body, shifted it and turned it over – in the morning the sheet had crumpled. Hadn’t had the time to flatten it. Saw no sense in it. Why flatten it? To feel that things are in order?...

Thüringer Allgemeine

18 June 2014

Young Erfurt photographer shows the essence of depressions

Fruit blossom, resembling a flourishing life, extend from the top of the photo. But then a dull sky runs below, between the delicate flowers and winter-dead tree tops – insurmountably…

Psychosoziale Umschau

February 2014

Fascination for the invisible

The photographer Nora Klein puts a face to the experience of depression.
Nora Klein has been particularly touched by the openness of those who took part. “I was very impressed with the openness with which they shared their most intimate emotions and experiences.”