Mal gut, mehr schlecht. (Some good, more bad.)
Insights into a world of depression

“You sit in your flat and scan the things surrounding you. The light dims and you see less and less, until nothing’s left. That’s what depression feels like.”
Psychiatric illnesses are omnipresent in our society, but most people don’t understand the actual symptoms. Photographer Nora Klein (born 1984 in Rostock) spent one a half years with depression sufferers. To convey the emotional world of depression, Klein found her own pictorial expression of the stories shared throughout the book. Sensible portraits and abstract pictures are turning the invisible into the visible. Her photos are striking representations of the inner world of the depressed.
The depression picture book by photographer Nora Klein is published by Hatje Cantz Verlag and supported by Deutsche DepressionsLiga e.V. in collaboration with BARMER and Town & Country Stiftung. It was shortlisted by Stiftung Buchkunst »Die Schönsten deutschen Bücher 2017«.

In 2017 the exibition to the project was set up. So far it travelled to Berlin, Darmstadt, Erfurt, Copenhagen, Cologne, Mannheim and Regensburg.

Since 2018 the project in form of a lecture series has been traveling through Germany.


This work would not have been possible without the trust and openness of those involved.