Anniversary 10 years of “Some good, more bad.” and 5 years of lecture tours

In October 2018, Sabine and I (Nora) appeared on stage for the first time as part of the Mental Health Weeks in Erfurt. Since then, we have continued to successfully present photographs and touching life stories.

5 years later, we have held over 60 events across the country and are far from feeling routine, as each evening is made unique by the dialogue with the audience during the panel discussion.

We have already been able to reach countless people – those affected, relatives in the broadest sense as well as professionals – and are so grateful for the many appreciative feedback in our two well-filled guest books.
“The idea of “insights into a world of depression“, which initially seemed so distant, was allowed to come true.

Thank you, dear Sabine, for walking this intensive path with me! Another big thank you goes to our longtime project partner Deutsche DepressionsLiga e.V. and to BARMER Health Insurance. Without your great support, the project would not be possible to this extent.

Here you can have a glimpse into our guestbook.

And here you find some impressions of our five years touring around Germany: