AKTION: Freiexemplar für Bibliotheken

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. Die Deutsche Depressionsliga e.V. und die BARMER freuen sich 100 Exemplare des Bildbandes „Mal gut, mehr schlecht.“ Bibliotheken kostenfrei zur Verfügung zu stellen. Das Buch thematisiert die Gefühls- und Gedankenwelt von depressiven Menschen auf einfühlsame Art und Weise und trägt dazu bei, dass Depression besser verstanden wird,…
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A very special venue awaited us in Hanover. The Hannover-Linden parish together with the Hannover telephone counseling have invited us to the St. Martinskirche with its special architecture. About 30 spectators took part in the event despite or perhaps because of the current corona dynamics and the upcoming second lock down. Because there is now…
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An invitation from the FESTIVAL FOTOGRAFISCHER BILDER brought us to Regensburg with a double event. In this artistic setting, the power of the photographic images created by Nora Klein was particularly well expressed. They invite you to feel, can “describe” what is felt and are a suitable medium against speechlessness. The contribution of a participant…
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Postponed to 2021

The event in Kleve has been canceled this year due to the Covid 19 crisis.
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“Against Speechlessness” Photographic images about depression

The current podcast about our work in the series “New Thinking Photography”
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“As a psychotherapist, I mainly work with patients who are currently suffering from acute depression and who find it difficult to imagine that things could get better at some point. Tonight it was very good for me to hear how Ms. Fröhlich found her way out of the depression and I had the rare opportunity…
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The events in Moers and Dinslaken have been canceled this year due to the Covid 19 crisis.
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Haltern am See

The highly committed and motivated team from pro anima invited us to Haltern am See on September 29, 2020. This date was fully booked in a short time and that is why we were very happy to agree to an additional event – also fully booked – on September 28, 2020. On the first evening,…
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Covid 19

At this point in time, all 2020 events can take place.
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Lecture tour continues!

The BARMER health insurance company has agreed to continue funding our Germany-wide lecture tour. So Sabine Fröhlich and I will be doing anti-stigma work on the subject of depression for the next 2 years. Events
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Self help for depression. Participation in a self-help group can have a supportive and healing effect for both affected and relatives. The existing, extensive range of such groups in the Odenwald region confirms this. Two providers, namely the self-help group (SHG) Angst Panik Depression and SHG Semikolon have invited us to Michelstadt in cooperation with…
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The small theater “Gdanska” in Oberhausen with its screen and red velvet armchairs offered a wonderfully fitting atmosphere for the presentation of our pictures and texts. This probably also inspired a participant to make an – almost poetic-sounding – entry in our guest book: “Beautiful photographs, sad photographs, sad beautiful photographs. Honest words, thoughtful words,…
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The self-help contact point Krefeld invited us to the beautiful Muchesaal of the VHS Krefeld. One of the main topics in the lively discussion round related to the experience of relatives and friends, in whom a close person suffers from depression and the illness extends over a long period of time. Thanks to the openness…
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Bad Bederkesa

A very exceptionally invitation came from a telephone helpline office in the north of Germany. Within the setting of regular training sessions for their voluntary employees we were able to present our project. The participants showed a remarkable high level of professional compentence and openess for the manifold appearences of the illness Depression. For Sabine…
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Bremervörde and Zeven

The Alliance against Depression in the district of Rotenburg / Wümme invited us to two events for their “autumn tour” to Bremervörde and Zeven: “It is important to talk about depression as an illness,” said Andreas von Glahn, Vice Chairman of the Alliance against Depression in the district. “Our idea is that we want to…
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Katrin Göring-Eckardt, member of the German Parliament, came to Erfurt to open the conference „Suddenly you were gone“ – Grief after sudden death and suicide. Appropriate to this theme we could show in our presentation the perspective of people who have gone through suicidal crises; a subject that is treated as a tabu in our…
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„Who can I talk to, if suicidal thoughts circle in my head?“ has been one question asked during our event in Siegen. A counsellor of the Socio-psychiatric service Siegen, who was present that evening, turned out to be the right person to answer that question: „We are here for you! Well trained for crisis situations…
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„Thank you so much for this impressive presentation. The topic depression has been very well portrayed. I did recognize myself in many details. Good for everyone who has managed to talk about his illness and called for help. I shall do so myself now!“ This quote was left in our guestbook after yet another touching…
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What an atmospheric and appropriate to the topic venue we had last night in Leipzig in the „Moritzbastei“. A big thank you to the association „Leipziger Bündnis gegen Depression e.V.“ for bringing us here. Many comments of the evenings discussion-round did refer to Sabine Fröhlich‘s great openness towards her personal handling of the illness. Participants…
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Freiburg_Vortrag_Depression_Nora Klein


„I would have loved to participate at your important project, Miss Klein. Your sensitive approach combined with a lot of respect for the illness Depression as well as the participants that took part, is highly encouraging.“ This is one quote that was shared after our presentation of the inside world of depression. A huge thank…
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Due to extensive advertising we could welcome more than 60 people to our event in Göppingen, where the Christophsbad clinic had invited us. The focus of the event‘s discussion-round was on possible causes of the illness depression and their variety of treatments. The conclusion of the evening: THE depression does not exist. Every case has…
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Sign language interpreter did join us in Rastatt/Germany. The spoken words have been intensified through the impressive gestures and facial expressions. Emotions have been transported even straighter. A very valuable experience for all of us – especially the group of participants with hearing disabilities that come to our event. A big thank you to our…
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The health board of Gera did invite us to the public library Gera/Germany. As one of many events during the german wide mental health awareness week. In the discussion afterwords several participants expressed their pressure to be perfect in all they do. Do I always have to function? How can I get out of the…
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Terminänderung Vortrag Freiburg

changed date

the lecture will start at 5 pm
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Patientenkongress Depression 2019

For the 5th time the Depression-patient-coference took place in the Leipzig Gewandhaus. A fully booked event with 1,300 participants that makes a valuable contribution to the de-stigmatization of depression. The Deutsche Depressionsliga e.V., as co-organizer, invited to the LigaLounge on the second day of the congress. A great opportunity to get to know the numerous…
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A very fine summer evening could not hold up the citizens of Brilon/Germany from coming in big numbers to our event „Mal gut, mehr schlecht.“ „Would you also please come to our school one day? My experience is that a lot of my schoolmates do know nothing about depression and more or less dismiss it…
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Last night in Trier has been very special for us. Part of the audience was the mother of Sabine Fröhlich. „I am the mum of Sabine and I am very proud of my daughter that she coped with the illness depression so well. To all of you I would like to say: Do not give…
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“Where can I find support, if I cannot cope with the suicide of a beloved on?“ Was one question from the audience. Mister Mann, representing the support-group Depression Eifel-Mosel, could help by naming local contact persons for this sensitive issue. A big thank you to all that helped us shaping the event and to all,…
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The cellar vaults of Weimars city library enhanced a very special atmosphere for the evening. An attending mother told us afterwards: „Your presentation touched me deeply. In the photographs and quotations I have recognized my son, who suffers from depression since many years. For the first time ever I really get an idea of how…
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We followed the invitation of the public health Department and have come to Dresden/Germany. Thanks to all who came and shared courageously their experiences around the illness depression. A very touching discussion panel, where participants even got the chance to come to new perceptions.  
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The student representation of the university of Kiel did invite us to their „Mental Health Awareness Week“. One Student left this note in our guestbook: „I wish, I had a private praxis for psychotherapy with a waiting room, where I could have the picture-book on display for patients who are waiting.“  
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Einladung zum Vortrag/Berlin

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. Finissage »CRAZY – Leben mit psychischen Erkrankungen« 17.06.19, 19 Uhr Beauftragter der Bundesregierung fŸür die Belange von Menschen mit Behinderungen Mauerstr. 53, 10117 Berlin
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lecture dates

11.04.19 in Kiel/Germany, 06.06.19 in Dresden/Germany, 12.06.19 in Weimar/Germany, 13.06.19 in Bitburg/Germany, 14.06.19 in Trier/Germany, 08.10.19 in Gera/Germany, 10.10.19 in Göppingen/Germany, 11.10.19 in Freiburg im Breisgau/Germany, 14.10.19 in Leipzig/Germany, 15.10.19 in Hof/Germany, 27.11.19 in Krefeld/Germany, more
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Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Nora Klein and her work „Mal gut, mehr schlecht.“ is presented at german radio station Deutschlandfunk Kultur.
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Shooting for a german TV channel: Titel, Thesen, Temperamente It will be on TV at the 3rd of February at 11:05 pm, ARD
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exhibition in Berlin

CRAZY – Leben mit psychischen Erkrankungen mit Arbeiten von Laia Abril (Spanien), Sibylle Fendt (Deutschland), Nora Klein (Deutschland), Louis Quail (UK) und Melissa Spitz (USA) opening: 14.02.19, 7 pm exhibition: 15.02.-21.04.2019 f³ Freiraum für Fotografie, Waldemarstraße 17, 10179 Berlin, Germany
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Bunker D Kiel/Germany

Great atmosphere at that place. 40 interested and observing students helped us to make depression more visible.
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today in Kiel/Germany

On tour to our next lecture of „Mal gut, mehr schlecht.“ today.
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launch of the lecture series

Our lecture series started in Erfurt this monday. We had a brave audience, cosy atmosphere and a inspired discussion. Thanks a lot to BARMER, Deutsche DepressionsLiga e.V, Landeshaupstadt Erfurt and Café Nerly.  
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Nora Klein Fotografie

Vortrag HEUTE/Berlin

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. Der Veranstalter musst leider kurzfristig den Termin heute im Stadtteilzentrum Teutoburger Platz absagen. Die Veranstaltung wurde verschoben. Wir melden uns mit dem neuen Termin.
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lecture Berlin/Germany

16th of October 2018, Stadtteilzentrum am Teutoburger Platz, Berlin, Germany Facebook
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lecture Erfurt/Germany

15th of October 2018, Café Nerly Erfurt, Germany
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photography, lecture, discussion

the book on tour

Help us to visualize depression. In 2018 and 2019, the project will be presented in the form of a lecture series Germany-wide. Thanks a lot to BARMER and Deutsche DepressionsLiga e.V. for the support. Book a lecture for 2018/2019.
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4. Deutscher Patientenkongress Depression

Photographer Nora Klein presented her book »Mal gut, mehr schlecht./Some good, more bad.« at the 4. Deutschen Patientenkongress Depression in Leipzig.
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Sorry, this entry is only available in German.     Ausstellung: Festival Fotografischer Bilder Regensburg 2017 Symposium vom 26.-28.10.2017 Ausstellung vom 26.10.2017- 14.01.2018     Buchvorstellungen und Diskussion: 27.08.2017 ab 10:00 Uhr auf dem 4. Deutschen Patientenkongress Depression in Leipzig   14.10.17 ab 19.00 Uhr in der Fritz Thyssen Stiftung in Köln (KölnBonner…
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book discussion

Discussion of the book at the 12th of April 2017 at Kunsthaus Erfurt  
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The exhibition

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Exhibition opening

Freitag, 7. April, 20 Uhr

Waltraud Rinke, Vorstand der Deutschen DepressionsLiga e.V. Birgit Dziuk, Landesgeschäftsführerin der BARMER Thüringen Christian Treumann, Vorsitzender des Vorstandes der Town & Country Stiftung

Prof. Dr. Kai Uwe Schierz, Direktor der Kunstmuseen der Stadt Erfurt
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book fair Leizpig 2017

»Mal gut, mehr schlecht.« launched at the book fair in Leipzig. The book »Mal gut, mehr schlecht.« is being presented at the book fair in Leipzig by publishing house Hatje Cantz. Available in stores now.
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German TV-station NDR

For the german TV-station NDR-Kulturjournal we are visiting Sabine. With the photographer Nora Klein they introduce the project »Mal gut, mehr schlecht.« (»Some good, more bad.«)  
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DGPPN-Congress 2016

Photographer Nora Klein and the Deutsche DepressionsLiga e.V. are presenting the book at the German Association for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics (DGPPN) in Berlin.
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Nora Klein
Some good, mora bad.

You are cordially invited to attend the launch of the exhibition and presentation of the picture book.

Opening: Friday, 7. April 2017, Kunsthaus Erfurt
Exhibition: 07.-13. April 2017 Kunsthaus Erfurt, Michaelisstr. 34, 99084 Erfurt
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A glimpse into the print shop.

»Mal gut, mehr schlecht.« has gone to press. A glimpse into the print shop.
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